Saturday, February 14, 2015

Decision making

Usually I have some trouble with decision making. Sometimes I might think, it's because I'm Libra, but wtf, my birthday is on October 23, and here they're telling me I'm Scorpio! So I'm a bit frustrated, I'm in a some kind of a loop. I have to take a decision here. I hate decisions. I had to take a decision to write this blog-post in English, you know how tough is this?

We need some help here, guess what, I found it!

First thought, best thought! And no revising! Hooray! Revising decisions will be my next post :)
That guy wrote poems, I want to use this in managing my life. This hack helps to reduce time on taking decisions, I agree, sometimes first thought might look scary, or not the best one, but stop, this is a rule!

I've read somewhere, that in decision making our subconscious mind analyzes large amount of information comparing to our experience, that our conscious mind is not capable, and gives us the answer. The same, when meet new people. Some call it the sixth sense.

That great picture above comes from:

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